Brochure design is one of the core services that Minibig specializes in.  Our team of specialist brochure designers have the skills and expertise to produce brochures that will look great, no matter what the medium of distribution. Even in this day and age of websites, mobile advertising and portable electronic publications, good brochure design is essential.

Most of our competitors look at brochure design as just another “art project”. At Minibig, we strongly disagree with that view. Your brochure represents you, and what you stand for.  To us therefore, a brochure whose design has meaning and purpose, beyond just aesthetic appreciation, is a key tool in communicating with our clients’ customers, suppliers and business partners.

Our Brochure Design philosophy

While many brochure designers believe that cookie cutter templates are the best way to produce a brochure, Minibig has a totally different design philosophy. When you come to us with a brochure design request, our team makes it their business to know your business first.

It is only after our design team understands:

  • What your business is all about
  • Who your target audience is
  • How you currently portray your visual identity (colors, fonts, imagery, logos)
  • What message you wish to convey through the brochure design
  • What some of the other corporate collaterals you use look like
  • What your existing corporate branding looks like

that we set out to build a brochure that meets your requirements. Our objective is to ensure that the design not only conveys the message you intend it to, but that it also is in harmony with any existing design and identity standards you follow. And that’s something that many brochure designers don’t consider!

Our Brochure Design expertise

At Minibig, we have brochure design experts who can produce stunning designs for a broad array of brochures, to meet a wide spectrum of business needs.  Whether you are a small or medium sized business, or a mid to large size corporation, our designers will stun and excite you with their vision, imagination and creativity.

Our expertise in designing brochures includes:

  • Product/Service Brochures
  • Corporate Profiles
  • Business Capability Brochures
  • Exhibition and Event Publication Brochures
  • Sales and Marketing Collaterals


No matter what the purpose is, or who the target audience is, our brochure design team has the experience and expertise to ensure your message is clearly delivered and well received.