An inspiring logo design automatically generates confidence in customers, prospective clients and business partners. That’s because a well designed logo is not simply a “cute” picture or colorful motif. Good logo design goes much deeper than that.  It transcends the aesthetics and delivers a deeper, underlying visual message about an organization, and what it stands for.

Whether you are an established business with an existing logo, or whether you are a newly established entity looking for logo design services, you’ll find Minibig’s approach to designing logos unique and refreshing.

Our Logo Design Philosophy

Through experience, we at Minibig have learned that eye-catching logo design doesn’t necessarily have to be complex and complicated works. Often, we’ve found that the KIS (Keep-It-Simple) principle works best for most of our clients.

That’s why every member of our team is inspired by a core set of Minibig design principles which result in logos that:

  • provide a quick glimpse into the organization’s culture
  • highlight a business’s value system
  • create an unmistakable visual identity for the business
  • inspire trust and confidence in the company’s brand

We firmly believe that the best designs happen through collaboration and team work – between our team and yours. And that’s why, behind every logo design goes extensive consultation with the client, and thorough research to ensure integrity and uniqueness of our designs. By the time your logo is finished, you’ll have as much pride in using the final product as we do in designing and producing it for you – guaranteed!

Our Logo Design expertise

No matter what your logo design needs are, Minibig has the expertise to help and guide you through the entire decision-making process. From brainstorming, to initial design concept, through final design, our proprietary design approach makes designing logs fun and effortless.

Our services include:

  • Extensive consultation to understand your needs
  • Designs in full color, black and white or a combination thereof
  • Multiple logo design ideas and concepts to choose from
  • Multiple design reviews and revisions
  • Final designs are provided on electronic media for your use and safekeeping
  • Quick turnaround
  • Professional and courteous service

Whether it’s a corporate logo, a logo for a special event, an anniversary commemoration logo, a logo for a letterhead or envelope, or logos and motifs for websites, gifts and clothing, we have the in-house expertise and experience to deliver.