In this age of electronic contact information exchange, name card design holds a very special place in the portfolio of a graphics design company like Minibig. Where electronic name and contact exchanges do play an important role in networking and business development, they tend to be rather “automatic” and “impersonal”.

Name cards on the other hand can leave lasting impressions. Minibig is convinced that an innovative name card design can turn that first contact into a very productive one. As a matter of fact, we have dedicated some of the best resources to work on our name card design team. That’s because we are absolutely convinced that, just as a firm handshake kicks of a good partnership, a great-looking name card absolutely cements it!

Our Name Card Design Philosophy

Name cards first became a symbol of reverence and etiquette in 18th century Europe. But the idea behind those early cards was primarily for solemn introductions. Here at Minibig, our name card design philosophy is much deeper than introducing you to a new contact. We believe your calling card:

  • symbolises respect, friendship and trust of those you present it to
  • serves as keys to unlocking the start of a great partnership
  • helps produce a favorable impression about you and your company
  • leverages your company’s visual identity to open doors to success
  • furthers and promotes your business’s branding

And since our clients’ success depends on stellar name card design, we take great pride in sharing in that success by providing you with inspirational designs.

Our Name Card Design expertise

Whether it is a business meeting, a networking session, a sales promotion event or talent hunting and recruiting drives, our name card design teams are experts at creating universally acceptable name cards. And we do so by working closely with you and your team to understand how you leverage your business cards in normal business situations.

Through a process of consultations and discussions, our design experts come up with designs that take into consideration even the most minor details about you, your business and your company’s goals, before producing our designs, including:

  • foreground color
  • background designs
  • types of paper, size and shape
  • font and style of messaging
  • visual imagery, including corporate logos and other motifs

While many of our competitors use templates and cookie cutters to design their business cards, our name card design experts are trained to produce collateral that are as unique as you and your business objectives.